Tuesday, 29 December 2020

Tastes Of Summer (SLJ) - Lupe


Summer Tastes.

Here are my favorite things to have in the summer, ice cream which is so refreshing, mangos because who doesn't love the taste of mango, frozen coke which is cold and relaxing and last but not least watermelon who doesn't want watermelon its the best! This SLJ task was so exiting and fun to present and comment down below what is your favorite things you like to have in the summer.  

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  1. Kia ora Lupe!

    I love this blog post you have down. I can agree with you that these are some very summery food's. I just wanted to say great job on describing each food item, KA PAI! If you could, you should try commenting on the SLJ site telling them you have completed this task. So then they can check it out and comment.

    Anyways great job, Keep up the great work !!!

    Deborah :)