Thursday, 10 September 2020

Auckland South Sumdog Contest.

 L.I: To enter the Sumdog Math's Contest and get as many questions right.

The Sumdog Contest is where many different schools from the South enter to try and answer 1,000 math questions given to them to get points to try and win in the top 10 to get certificates and who ever wins the whole contest gets  a whole 3 month description.The competition hasn't finish yet but tonight at 8.00 pm the competition comes to a end, I didn't enter the contest, but much luck to those who are making their way to finishing. 

Flow Chart - Lupe Palelei

 L.I : Make a flow chart and explain how the Pope and the Bishops continue the work of Jesus and the                                                                         Apostles.

This Flow chart I made for my R.E task and explain how the Pope, the Bishops and apostles continue the work of God.

Hot Pizza Poem.

Pizza Pizza 

I love you Pizza 

Pizza Pizza 

I can’t get enough 

You’re made of dough, Hot and cheesy

Pizza Pizza I can’t get enough.

Eating Pizza Every Week Has Actually Made Me Healthier | EatingWellThis Poem I did of Hot Pizza and why I like them. Mrs Vickers showed us her own example about what she likes , then we tried to make our own.

L.I: create a poem that describes how I like something. 

Friday, 24 July 2020

Qualities Of A Good Teacher.

L.I : Creating a word art with the top ten characteristic that describe a model Teacher.
For R.E today we made a list of qualities that a good teacher has. We used the most important ones to make some Word Art. This is the first time I have used Word Art, but it was easy to learn. 

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

My Big Diploma on Times :From Lupe

Here is my Big Diploma it shows that I've had finish and completed all my timetables , I am very proud of what I've had done, now I have not many struggles anymore .

Thursday, 19 March 2020

How Pencils Are Made : From lupe

Learning Intention: Sort our ideas into a paragraph .
The Leads - 
First they began with the mixture ,mixing both
of the graphite and clay powder with water added ,File:Faber-Castell pencil and eraser.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
then it was ready for the making of leads.
They squirt out the right length of what the leads
should be then it is ready for the leads to dry . 

Next the leads were put into medium
square containers with a layer of dry cement on top,
after it was taken into a safe area to firi the leads ,
now it was time for the leads to have a nice bath in the
wax bath.

The Colour Pencil Leads-
They first made the mixture using powder paint,
after when the mixture was ready it was time for
the color leads to be made, next they were
milling the grooves, then they applied glue on the
bottom layer then inserted the leads then they closed the

Now it was time to dry the leads in the drying wheel, 
when the glue had been dry ,they were milling the pencils.

Painting and Stamping 
Next they mix up beautiful color paint and paint the pencils ,
then it is ready to stamp the pencils and dip the color pencils into paint .
Later they left the pencils to dry in a room they call the drying room.

Finishing - After that they did Quality Testing 
  • 2.k kg pressure (withstanding)
  • Shading 
  • At the end they sharpened the pencils and they were ready for packaging.

Saturday, 7 March 2020

Cybersmart Passwords : From Lupe

                Why Is Cybersmart Important ?
Cybersmart is what we need to have internet safety, making passwords that are the same could be able for hackers to hack your account , it is really important to use cybersmart passwords so that you have your own privacy to yourself.