Thursday, 16 January 2020

How many years until I turn 25? : from Lupe (SLJ)

How Many Years Until I am 25?
Right now I am 10 years old and about to turn 11 this year(2020), How many years until I turn 25?.

In 14 years (2035)  I would turn 25, I know that 2035 is the year i would be  25 because 11+14=25. 

Friday, 20 December 2019

Three Things I learnt About Serena Williams : From Lupe (SLJ)

My list of three things I learnt about Serena Williams .

1) Serena (Williams) was born September 1981 in Saginaw , Michigan then was moved to  Compton California In 1993 .
Image result for serena williams 2) Serena (Williams) Father Richard wanted the best for his girls, so then he study in his own so that he can teach his kids how to play tennis  (at the age of 3) .

 3)Serena Williams was so good that in 1995 Serena Williams became a professional tennis player.
Image result for tennisImage result for Serena Williams