Thursday, 19 March 2020

How Pencils Are Made : From lupe

Learning Intention: Sort our ideas into a paragraph .
The Leads - 
First they began with the mixture ,mixing both of the graphite and clay powder with water added ,then it was ready for the making of leads. They squirt out the right length of what the leads should be then it is ready for the leads to dry . 

Next the leads were put into medium square containers with a layer of dry cement on top, after it was taken into a safe area to firi the leads , now it was time for the leads to have a nice bath in the wax bath.

The Colour Pencil Leads-
They first made the mixture using powder paint, after when the mixture was ready it was time for the colour leads to be made, next they were milling the grooves, then they applied glue on the bottom layer then inserted the leads then they closed the slat. 

Now it was time to dry the leads in the drying wheel,  when the glue had been dry ,they were milling the pencils.

          Painting and Stamping 
Next they mix up beautiful color paint and paint the pencils , then it is ready to stamp the pencils and dip the colour pencils into paint . Later they left the pencils to dry in a room they call the drying room.

Finishing - After that they did Quality Testing 
  • 2.k kg pressure (withstanding)
  • Shading 

At the end they sharpened the pencils and they were ready for packaging.

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