Friday, 27 September 2019

The Special Adventure - From Lupe

Once there was a kid named ‘Nia’, who found a small chest that was open in her backyard. She looked carefully at it and saw a letter. It said “This is a special message from top 10 greatest agents who are going to help you every step you go, we picked you to go on a special adventure that will make you famous and will be well known as a hero”.

“ Through hard and rough times, we will help you go through this because we know you will accomplish this scary lifetime adventure". In the past people were weak so we’ve picked from your actions of loving kindness and strength we know you are the one. There is a letter full of steps that would guide you through the mission.

They will all be found under a Lincoln Tree and when you find it, dig the roots out. The letter will not give where the location of the treasure is because we are testing you in to this as training. This was the first step they told her to do  : “You will have to go through the Angrymentle forest, then to a wonderful place called “Peace Land”. When you arrive, there's a peaceful house, knock on the door and wait for an answer.

An old woman would approach you and starts with the question of, “Who do you work for?” Answer: “Castray Lincoln.” “As soon as you say that, she will give you some special high quality spy gadgets  and disguises including a special car.

Nia was so scared for the first letter because she doesn't know these people, but it took her a long time to go through angrymentle forest because she saw lots of fights and angry people trying to fight her, but thank goodness she escaped.

“2# Next, Go to a secret space, but first you will have to find the Lincoln Tree to find a letter which leads you to your next location. Your in a trap and see how you can escape. You have to try to escape and get the letter ``.

Nia felt something buzzing in her pocket and quickly took it out. Somebody sent a message to her saying - “Well done you’ve got better. Now you have to find a Lincoln tree and dig the roots to find your next clue”.

 Now, you have to go to a country called “Abu Dhabi Dubai” You are going to work with one of the coworkers who are secretly our agents, they will help you learn how to fight. Nia left the hideout of Castray Lincoln and went to Abu Dhabi Dubai.

It took a long drive to get there, but when she arrived she was introduced by a wonderful girl named “Mary. ” They trained for weeks and looked like experts afterwards. They got another letter, they had to find the Lincoln Tree but they didn’t find one 

‘’ Nia from a distance, thought it was Mary she found one in their next door neighbours  house, a little baby Lincoln tree “Mary said” they secretly dug out the roots found the letter to the treasure,

Nia and Mary slowly rip open the letter and it said you will have to go to a land ruled by a king called Robber Jackson full with 
security this is the time you will show your fighting skills also some people  that is secretly our agents are going to help you out , they will begin to fight with the security’s so they get distracted, you will run inside try to find a key somewhere in the king's master bedroom find it.

 After that you will have to go to the king's kitchen and there will be a  pantry the is a secret room there will be a security red lines don’t touch it get through it and snatch the book from the book self there is only one book take it and leave. 

Nia and Mary left Abu Dhabi Dubai to go to a king called Robber Jackson there was the Agents waiting for Nia and Mary . They did what they had to do got the book and left all the agents were happy, and proud of there's self’s but there was a lady behind all the agents Nia was wondering was the lady , the lady  was so proud of Nia she introduced herself to Nia and said “I am so proud of you darling you restore the treasure” Nia said this book is a treasure I thought it was going to be gold or silver, the lady said darling treasure doesn't have to be gold or silver it's stuff that is important to people to them it's more than gold or silver 

. I have been waiting for this day since you were born I'm not a stranger you have met, I'm Liana your mother you were adopted. Nia was shocked she ran into her mother's arms once again both lived a proud and successfully life. That was all about Nia’s special lifetime adventure and to find out she was adopted and she actually found her real mother, now she knows that anything that is important to people are more than gold and silver to them. 


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